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By creating a thin hair stroke line, this permanent brow technique gives you incredible, beautiful definition and shape for your eyebrows.

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It is a more natural look than a solid or soft fill because the eyebrow looks like many little hairs instead of one solid color.

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However, hair strokes alone without any background color will likely need more touch ups.

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Each individual hair stroke enhances your eyebrows for a fuller, more beautiful you.

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This method is also referred to as hair simulation or sometimes feathering.Eyebrow Microblading, sometimes known as Microstroking or 3D Brows, is a semi-permanent eyebrow fill in technique that allows you to enhance or change the shape of your existing brows with individual hairline strokes added.

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Permanent eyebrows are definitely the most popular of all procedures and they look much more natural than penciled-on eyebrows.The hair stroke, feathering and powder fill techniques sometimes get confused.Eyebrows are softly feathered with fine lines simulating a natural contour, while hair strokes mimic the appearance of hair in the brow line.

Microblading is like a semi-permanent tattoo in hair strokes.Let us do for you what we have done for thousands of our clients. Lasting.

It is quite similar to hair stroke cosmetic tattoo using the machine method, however the strokes are finer, and are not implanted as deeply in the skin.

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The first pass is made to create guide lines and to open the skin and a topical anesthetic is immediately used to numb area.The technique used is natural feathering touch that looks like hair strokes creating a beautifully designed brow. - Eyebrows, Microblading and Permanent

It is known under several names such as eyebrow embroidery, feathering, microstroking etc.

Eyebrows for Men For our special men clients who want natural looking eyebrows we recommend the manual hair strokes simulation (micro-blading).

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